New demo!

Hello everyone!

I've finally uploaded a brand new demo for Super Gear Quest. I hope to complete the full game this year, in 2018, so it was about time I uploaded a new one. So, while the full game still isn't available, you can give the demo a try if you want. Enjoy!



SGQ Demo (Windows) 86 MB
87 days ago

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What changed since the previous demo? 

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Basically everything, haha. The core demo is the same, but it has new graphics, heavily updated gameplay, heavily rewritten dialogue, Easy Mode + Hard Mode, new features, etc. And some new story stuff added in (so it's a bit longer now, iirc).
So yeah, the core is the same (mostly same bosses and events and such), but basically everything around the base is different.

Overall you'd kinda be getting a heavily upgraded version of the older demo, with a good bit of new stuff also included. It's worth playing if you liked the older demo. :)


You know I liked the demo. And that's a long list of changes, downloading... :) 


Haha, enjoy!