New demo!

Hello everyone!

I've finally uploaded a brand new demo for Super Gear Quest. I hope to complete the full game this year, in 2018, so it was about time I uploaded a new one. So, while the full game still isn't available, you can give the demo a try if you want. Enjoy!



SGQ Demo (Windows) 86 MB
Jan 24, 2018


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Hi there, I enjoyed playing this demo last year, despite taking time to learn the patterns of some of the bosses (& dying each time), and since you've added in more story into the game, we'll see how much more we like the demo :p

Also, I'm glad that you're still working on this game, so keep it up! :)


Thank you! Great to hear you enjoyed it. :)

And yes, I am fortunately still working on it! I've taken a lot of time off the project lately, but it's still chugging along. :P
Unsure if the game itself will be finished within 2018, but we'll see!


You're welcome :)

Oh, I see. I myself am getting back to fixing some parts of my games, and my nephew had fun with them despite how difficult they were; he had given me some feedback on how to improve them, seeing as it took me 2-3 tries to finish one of them :p

By the way, I'm now in the Water Well, and despite having more than enough coins to pay Jeremy/AC-K2 (I currently have $115 in total, and he only needs $50), he is refusing to accept my money, thinking that I don't have enough :(

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In my experience, it is very easy to make games too hard. Beta testers are often needed to truly determine the difficulty, and balancing is a very fragile thing. So that makes a lot of sense to me, haha.

And I see. I do remember some bugs with AC-K2, but I don't remember if the current demo is bugged or if it was fixed. If you have the newest demo and this happens every time though, then it is probably a bugged build, unfortunately. I recently got back to doing some things for this game, so if there is no way around the issue I can look into providing a patch. :)


I guess it was probably my mistake of rushing to upload an updated version to that I didn't stop to test it out, given that I had only recently solved a problem I've had for some time :p

I'll try playing the game from where I last stopped (I noticed the fight with Avatar XO1 has been made easier;)), and if it still has the same problem, I'll start all over and get to that point again to verify that the demo is indeed bugged at AC-K2's section :)


Hi, I started from the beginning, and even though I had enough money to pay AC-K2 after defeating the Mega Slime (which took a while since I was switching weapons frantically, and every once in a while I ended up pressing W instead of Q :p), he kept repeating the same message over and over :(

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By the way, what engine are you using to make this game? Is it GameMaker Studio 2 or Unity?


Ah, so it is definitely still a bug then? I got it reported by someone else as well, so it appears to be a real glitch in the current build. Will probably have to look into doing a patch.

And I'm using Unity. :P


What changed since the previous demo? 

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Basically everything, haha. The core demo is the same, but it has new graphics, heavily updated gameplay, heavily rewritten dialogue, Easy Mode + Hard Mode, new features, etc. And some new story stuff added in (so it's a bit longer now, iirc).
So yeah, the core is the same (mostly same bosses and events and such), but basically everything around the base is different.

Overall you'd kinda be getting a heavily upgraded version of the older demo, with a good bit of new stuff also included. It's worth playing if you liked the older demo. :)


You know I liked the demo. And that's a long list of changes, downloading... :) 


Haha, enjoy!