A downloadable game for Windows

Super Gear Quest follows an android called Starter, who wakes up in a strange world after being offline for decades. When restarted, he discovers that he has memory loss, and he soon finds out that he has two advanced AIs inside him, called M01 and F01.
Together they go on an adventure throughout what's left of this world after a great war, meeting both allies and enemies. And it turns out that Starter woke up just in time...

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The game currently lacks a bit on controls in-game, so here's a list of controls:

-Arrows: Move & Aim
-X: Shoot
-C: Toggle Core on/off
-Shift: Toggle strafe
-S: Heal up by using energy/battery
-Numbers 1-9: Change weapon
-A/D: Cycle between weapons
-M: Map screen

Download demo

Super Gear Quest Demo.zip 82 MB

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