Devlog (27th May 2017)

Hey everyone!

I've done a fair amount more progress since last devlog, so the game is progressing steadily.  However, the main point of this devlog was to notify you about the fact that Geneticognito has it's own Discord server. Or rather, it's technically a server for Super Gear Quest; another game I'm making. Though, the two games are set in the same world and are heavily connected, so you guys may wanna have a look at that game too, if you haven't already.

You can check out SGQ in these places: (
-Steam (No page yet, but in development)
-Gamejolt (

Anyway, the Discord server is essentially for SGQ as it is the bigger game, but Geneticognito is certainly included. I also post a lot of exclusive development progress in there which you may not see elsewhere, so join in if you want! Use this link if you are interested:


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