A downloadable game

The Artifact, a powerful relic, gets stolen by a mysterious figure called The Shadow Wizard. It's up to the world's heroes to stop the wizard and reclaim The Artifact.

You can play alone or together with up to 7 other people to advance as a team and defeat the wizard once and for all!

TLoTA is still in development.

Published Sep 23, 2015
StatusOn hold
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 8


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Can't wait to try this game also. I hope you release a demo soon.


Thanks! This one is also a while off, haha. But again, very happy to hear you look forward to them!
And at least with this one, you can read the comic beforehand. :P


What can I say... All your games look fantastic and their gameplay is very innovative.


Well, I can't say much else than that I am very happy to hear you think that!
I appreciate it a lot when someone enjoys my games. Very rewarding for any content creator. :)


Interestingly, I was thinking of this game the other day. Looks like it has *really* come along since the days that I saw it on an "art" site.


Thank you! I appreciate comments like this a lot. :)

Also, that said, it's a bit funny because you actually aren't looking at an up to date version of the game either, haha. The footage here is outdated, so the game is even further than what it looks like at the moment.
Plus, the game also has a comic series (I should probably link that on the page), which is 20-ish pages in over here: https://tapas.io/series/The-Legend-of-The-Artifact

So yes, a lot of stuff has happened, and will definitely keep happening. Far from done with the game itself as well as the comic series. :P